Ferryport Adventures

Liberation Day

The adventurers woke up in the morning and headed to the guardhouse through the throngs of people already celebrating. After arriving at the Fish Town docks, they heard people yelling in dismay. Running to the docks they see a dead man floating in a small ship who has had his hand cut off. He is strapped to the mast, and Roland thinks this to be a message. This is also the man who escaped from the thieves den , Roland noticed and informed the group.

When reporting to Jarrett the adventurers mentioned the slain man, and Jarrett says his two companions, were found dead in their cells, hung with the right hands cut off.

After this the group went our on patrol where they stopped a street urchin named Tyron. He was accused of stealing from Estrago, a local businessman. Estrago offered to pay off the group to get his pouch of belongings back from the kid but the group said no. He then said that he had cleaned up a mess of Falwynn’s a week ago, after she and Estranna had an altercation outside of Lord Jims. The group took his 30 gold and his offer of perusing his shop at a later date and gave the pouch back to him.
The kid, Tyron, led the group to the drop off location where they ended up getting in a battle with the men waiting. Two who were hiding in the windows above fired down and they were dispatched. The leader, a big burly man, was beat down and is now in custody.

Attack of the Giant Toad

The adventurers confronted a giant toad and its babies in the cave, defeating the Toad as it tried to swallow Grail. They then found bones of boggart’s in the corner along with some treasure.

At this point they believe that the Boggarts killed Droggon’s dogs. It also seems that they may be raiding many houses in Ferryport. They headed back to the house for a night of relaxation before going back to the Guard Offices.

The Dark Hole in the Sewers

The adventurers brought the two criminals up, and sent them with other city guards who were following up on Droggon’s dead dogs. Falwyn joined the group and they headed back into the sewers.

While maiking their way north into a new section of sewer, they ran into a Boggart, which was quickly dispatched. It had a small rusty dagger and a few coins on it.

Heading further north, they found a large hole in the floor of a small room, which led down into a natural cavern.

The Dead Dogs

The adventurers went to investigate a disturbance at Droggons house. The group found his two guard dogs slain, though nothing was stolen. Upon further investigation, the found tracks leading to a nearby sewer grate.

Heading down into the stinky underbelly of Ferryport, they ran into some thugs in a hidden room. When they burst in, the leader ran up the ladder and locked the trap door behind him. Currently the group has the other two in custody.

Now what to do with them…

After Venduc was turned over to the City Guard

It has been a busy few days for you in Ferryport. You have been assigned to the City Guard, and on your first night you encountered some local thugs in Lord Jim’s Bar and then the next day ran afoul a magic user and his pursuer. In the ensuing encounter, you helped apprehend the magic user while bringing attention to the group by using magic yourselves. You now find yourselves outside Jarrett’s office, who is your commander in the City Guard, as the people inside argue the fate of the magic user and you. From what you gather the man with the crossbow and chain whip, who helped bring down the necromancer is named Aldulf, and he is trying to take the dark wizard to the east. The mustached man in the shiny platemail, who came up at the end of the confrontation is the head of the Order of the White Eagle within Ferryport, is called Lord Balorn. He seems very flustered about the presence of magic users and other races in Ferryport. Sitting in the larger room outside the office, you hear snippets of the discussion that will lead to your fate.

Lord Balorn: “First we have one of our own citizens shot by this mud covered Easterner, then we find out he is a witch. Right here in our own city. Then these recruits of yours, half of them unnatural creatures from the forests, come using their own magic in the name of Ferryport! How can you put then people in uniforms! They…

Jarrett: “This is a trying time Lord Balorn, we must find help from those who offer it. Their ways are different than ours, but they meant well. They saw a struggle and they intervened. More than I can say of your men, who just showed up after it was all over.”

“What how dare you…” The Lords voice bellowed before being interrupted by a quiet but stern voice.

Aldulf “I don’t care for the politics or bickering of Ferryport . I was sent here to collect this man, who obviously is a danger to himself and others. Though I owe your guard with aiding me in his capture, you are not prepared for the retention and control of such a dangerous criminal.”

Jarett “You have yet to tell us who sent you to capture this man. He is a citizen of Ferryport and under our jurisdiction. So unless you tell us who you are and who sent you, we can not allow you to take him from the city.”

There was quiet pause, “I am Aldulf, Hunter for the Tower, and I am here on the authority of the council to find those who use magic for destructive purposes. I am here to take this man Veduc back to the Tower to be pacified.”

Lord Balorn; “Now we have Archeons within our city walls, when will this end. This never would have happened when Glycyn was Lord of the city.”

Jarrett: “Lord, you may have power, but watch your tongue. Glycyn was a traitor to his people and his city, so giving him praise is close to treason to the Guild Council.”

Balorn: “ Well good luck with your city of magic and abominations, they are not welcome in my area of Ferryport, and we will guard our followers to the best of our ability.” The door flew open and the red faced Knight-Lord sstormed out shouting over his shoulder. “And keep your City Guard foreigners out of our district, we do not need their alien ways hurting the true citizens of Ferryport.” He continued to stride across the room and with a flourish of his white cape descended the stairs to the street level.

Aldulf, his gray chainmail hanging about his broad shoulders, and his weather worn burgandy cloak trailing the ground also left the room. “ I trust that this matter is settled. I will leave for the east in the morning and shall deal with this necromancer when I arrive at the Tower with him.”

Jarrett walked to the doorway and watched the witch hunter leave down the staircase as well. His eyes seemed pained, and his brow furrowed in worry. “Well, I assume you heard most of that. Why don’t you all head home and report back in the morning. And try to keep your heads low, at least while Lord Balorn is on a rampage.”

The Story so far

The adventurers found themselves in the service of the Town Guard of Ferryport for various reasons. Their first adventure introduced them to their officer, Jarett.

The were given their first patrol and a house. during their first night out, they had an altercation with some thugs and Falwynn, slew two thugs and hid their bodies. Theu also met Droggon the trash collector, after he pushed Edwart, owner of Edwarts Empooreum from their table (Edwart is a pushy offensive man).

They also helped capture Venduc the Ravager and Aldulf the witch hunter. Venduc was captured and turned in.

After this them ventured to north of the city to the North Downs and slew Venducs brother Venlux. Grail met the group and ended a large fight with mercenaries with conversation rather than brtue strength. The party found the book of Resurrection and despite Aldulf’s concerns, they turned it into the city guard.


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