Ferryport Adventures

Liberation Day

The adventurers woke up in the morning and headed to the guardhouse through the throngs of people already celebrating. After arriving at the Fish Town docks, they heard people yelling in dismay. Running to the docks they see a dead man floating in a small ship who has had his hand cut off. He is strapped to the mast, and Roland thinks this to be a message. This is also the man who escaped from the thieves den , Roland noticed and informed the group.

When reporting to Jarrett the adventurers mentioned the slain man, and Jarrett says his two companions, were found dead in their cells, hung with the right hands cut off.

After this the group went our on patrol where they stopped a street urchin named Tyron. He was accused of stealing from Estrago, a local businessman. Estrago offered to pay off the group to get his pouch of belongings back from the kid but the group said no. He then said that he had cleaned up a mess of Falwynn’s a week ago, after she and Estranna had an altercation outside of Lord Jims. The group took his 30 gold and his offer of perusing his shop at a later date and gave the pouch back to him.
The kid, Tyron, led the group to the drop off location where they ended up getting in a battle with the men waiting. Two who were hiding in the windows above fired down and they were dispatched. The leader, a big burly man, was beat down and is now in custody.


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