House Rules

Maelstrom Chronicles House Rules:


Traps – A character can check for traps in a given room up to 20′×20′ with one check. This only includes wall, floors and ceilings. This is equal to a scan of the room as long as he/she is able to make a walkthrough of it. Every closed container, lock, or door the characters must reroll to check for those areas.Example – Stonie makes a quick check of the room not seeing any traps. There is a large chest near the north wall that he sees has 2 locks on it. He checks each lock and sees no traps. He picks both easily and hastily pops open the chest, releasing a poisonous gas trap inside.
Instant Kill – In the case of a natural 20 roll (straight 20, no modifications) the character gets to roll again. If another 20 is rolled then the character scores a chance at a instant kill. The dice is rolled one more time. If a 20 is rolled on this last roll the creature being attacked gets killed in one strike. This does not apply to creatures that cannot get hit by critical hits. Any non 20 roll results in a normal critical hit.
Downtime for leveling – During the time a character levels he or she must take downtime. This is 1 day per number of hit die. (IE to level to 18 a character must take atleast 18 days to practice, study or meditate in order to “level up”).
Critical Fumble – Any character making a attack roll or skill check roll must make an ability saving roll of DC 15 or above ( depending on skill being used) or “fumble”. The character will frecieve the bonus from the ability that the skill would use. Example – Sonny the monk jumps at his opponent and rolls to do a headbut. He rolls a natural one. He must then roll a successful roll (dice roll + dex modifier = DC15 or above) or the character would trip or something else along the lines of “fumbling”. Another Example – Karic is trying to pick a good quality lock. He rolls a one on the skill check. He then “fumbles”. He must make a successful die roll ( once again dex, so: dice roll+dex modifier = DC 15 or above) or fumble. If he fumbles he could break the lockpick or something else along those lines ( DM disgression).


:: Fumble Moves (1 on d20 attack rolls): Fumble moves are much easier to determine than the critical blows, though its much less glorious too… You just have to roll 1d20 again (fumble roll) and consult the table bellow:

Fumble Roll Fumble Effects
20-15 Loose Grip – No further activity this round (if you had another attacks you will just loose then)
14-11 Slip and Fall – You have fallen ridiculously to the ground, and your opponents will get +4 to hit you this round (No further activity).
10-7 Weapon Flies Away – Incredible inept move make your weapon flies 2d6 feet away to some specific direction (Roll 1d6: 1 Straight Ahead/2 Ahead, Right/3 Behind, Right/4 Straight Behind/5 Behind, Left/6 Ahead, Left).
6-5 Break Weapon – You missed your target badly and stuck your weapon into some hard thing. Roll your normal attack damage, applying it to the weapon itself (consider weapon’s Hardness and HP to check if it will break. Page 136 of 3ePH).
4-3 Self Hit – Unbelievable misshandling of your weapon make you hit yourself, roll weapon damage with no strength or specialization bonuses.
2-1 Stumble Over Weapon – Worst move seen in ages. You stumbled and felt hard to the ground, hitting yourself with your own weapon. Roll normal weapon damage. Opponents have +4 to hit you this round.

Crimes and Punishments:


Crime Modifier
Desertion, expectorate on gentleman, trip soldier, foul road 0
Probation violation, slap, bothering a lady, public drunkenness -1
Escapee, property damage, vagrancy, trespassing, disorderly conduct -2
Fugitive from justice, theft, arson, manslaughter, bandit -3
Rape, assault and battery, kidnapping, extortion -4
Outlaw, murder, treason, tax evasion, expectorate on nobleman, climb city walls -5
Modifying Circumstance Modifier
Use of illegal magic -2
Fair fight +2
Resisting arrest -2
Insolence -1
Magistrate’s Disposition 1d8 Roll Modifier
Angry 1 -4
Distracted 2 -3
Irritated 3 -2
Hung over 4 -1
Bored 5 0
Interested 6 +1
Sympathetic 7 +2
Amiable 8 +3
Weather 1d8 Roll Modifier
Raining (downpour) 1 -3
Raining (drizzle) 2 -2
Foggy 3 -1
Cloudy 4 +1
Clear 5 +2
Sunny 6 +3
Holiday * 7 +1
Unseasonably cold * 8 -1

  • if this result is gained, note it, and re-roll (ignoring any result of 7 or higher)

Solicitor’s Disposition 1d8 Roll Modifier
Didn’t show up 1 -3
Hates client 2 -4
Dislikes client 3 -2
Concerned 4 0
Deeply concerned 5 +1
Lucid 6 +2
Eloquent 7 +3
Inspired 8 +4

House Rules

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