The Ferryport Adventures

Ferryport is a strange city. In a world that doesn’t trust anyone, Ferryport’s gates stand open to all. And some say, if they closed, the world would come to a halt.
Traveling Merchant, Skyline Gate Ferryport

This is the home of the Ferryport Adventures, an adventure series based in the World of Uteria.

A View of the City

Ferryport was built during the age of kingdoms over 1000 years ago. As part of the old kingdom of Endamas, it was a hub for riverbound trade and the center marketplace for the kingdom. It was built by the dwarves, with an extensive sewer system and 30 foot high walls guarding its perimeter. The city grew large and extended way past the walls from the Forest of Kaelnost to the Altros plains to the north. During the 30 year war and the following years, the city suffered many setbacks, but the worst was the great plague 400 years ago. The city suffered greatly and over half of the population perished. The northern part of the sewer system, which was past the city walls, were blocked off and turned into catacombs. In the years after, the plague had a resurgence multiple times, keeping the population low, and also causing a citywide fear of disease. It has been over 60 years since the last outbreak.

In the current day, the city is rebuilt and thriving, though many empty places can still be found throughout the city proper. The southern area beyond the city walls have become the main farmlands of the area and trade ships now travel the river regularly. Ferryport swears no allegiance to Jaeldor or Bordon, being in the middle between the two allows for protection from both of its larger neighbors. The city is now in turmoil while the guildmasters try to reform a government after the lord of Ferryport was disposed. The city is in flux now as it scrambles to rebuild its government and peoples from the neighboring Kingdoms come to help or hinder the process.

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